816 miles of Oregon with my best friend and her baby boy

Portland, Columbia River Gorge, Eugene and Florence.

Natural beauty in every direction. Mountains, roadside waterfalls, lush green moss on everything. Beautiful sights and cool people. Good coffee and the best local red wine ever. I made new friends and saw old ones. Stopped at the largest stinky sea lion cave and hung with naked hippies in a hot spring. We hiked a butte at sunset. We had so many good laughs. Eli had explosive poops twice on the plane ride there. People probably thought Heidi and I were a lesbian couple. The coast kicked ass. Oregon is perfect.



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  1. heidi
    heidi says:

    good memories to last a lifetime. we love you. thank you for being you nikki!!! I appreciate having these memories forever.

  2. anda
    anda says:

    i LOVE allll of these!! and you and your bangs are adorable! you’ll have to tell me all the good places because i’m shooting a vow renewal on the OR coast at cannon beach this summer! xoxo

  3. erin h.
    erin h. says:

    love this set of photos, nikki! looks like you guys had a blast and makes me want to go to oregon. well… all of them except the naked white people in the springs. eek!

    • Nikki N
      Nikki N says:

      Thank you Erin!!! We had such a great time & didn’t want to come home. Oregon’s beauty was more dazzling then I imagined. I highly recommend a trip out west in your future.

  4. Lynn Eck
    Lynn Eck says:

    Nikki, your photos are absolutely stunning! They draw you in and make you wish you knew the whole story of how they came to be. You capture the moments and make the viewer feel the emotions of the people in the pictures. I would be proud to hang any of these on my walls.


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