Summer Sizzler!!!

Such a fun day. Good friends, sun shining, drinks flowing, ice melting faster then we could keep up with. So much good food. Oops, I accidently partied too hard & passed out too early.

Shanna Allen

Shanna is one of my awesome photographer gal pals I’ve connected with in the photography world. We often grab lunch, shop at Target, and chat over coffee. In a few weeks I will be heading to Mexico with her to second shoot a wedding!!! Shanna will be launching a new website soon. Stay tuned.


Holy moly, I turned 30 last week. I don’t even feel like its real. 30 is starting to sound old, but I still feel so young. Kinda crazy how time is flying by.

A few – off the top of my head – facts about me…

My favorite movie growing up was Days of Thunder and Flowers in the Attic. What a combination! I have a major sweet tooth. I can’t resist chocolate or basically any dessert. When I was in elementary school I went to a horseback riding summer camp for a week, but got homesick and came home early. In highschool I went to raves and stayed up all night. I have an overwhelming laugh. Steve compares it to a chainsaw. I’m recently obsessed with gel manicures. And always obsessed with biting my nails. My dad is the funniest guy I know. The first music concert I went to… New Kids on the Block at Alpine Valley. Joey was my favorite. I think I’ve always known I was going to be an artist, I could feel it, so I went with it. Most of all, I have been blessed with an amazing group of close friends. I believe partying in moderation is ok.


Our Palm Springs Get-A-Way

Happy 2012!!! I hope everyone had a blast last night. This is going to be a big year for me, I can’t wait to see what is in store.

Mid November, Steve & I took a mini four day vacation to Palm Springs, California. We’ve been there before and both loved the vibe of the city, being surrounded by the mountains, the palm trees, the architecture, and the lovely weather. Most of all – I needed to step away from my computer and chill out! We ate bacon at breakfast everyday, checked out the Salton Sea, went to a date farm, wandered the desert, visited a man-made painted mountain done by an ecentric god lover, and cruised the desert in a dune buggy. Mini vacations are where its at!!!

My New Look for the New Year

Ohmygoodness!!! It’s finally here. Feast your eyes on my new blogsite. Take a minute, click around, enjoy. I am so proud to show off my new little home in the internet world. The evolution of my brand, the quirky little drawings and the overall coolness of my site is brought to you by Ribbons of Red. Renee has truly amazed me with her design skills and I’m positive our partnership was meant to be. She made all of my ideas come to life and streamlined them into this one amazing site. I’d love to know what you think. Don’t be shy, leave a comment.

I have a number of sessions I’ve been itching to blog. And one of my favorite weddings of the year is featured below. Check out this great shot of us my good friend Anda Marie took.

I’m so excited – I just can’t hide it!!