Lucia /// Class of 2014

Absolutely love the bold colors Lucia wore. And her bright blue eyes.

h&mu by Jenni!

Sabrina /// Class of 2014

I almost forgot how much I love shooting seniors! Sabrina’s natural beauty, style, and excitement made this session a snap!

Abby /// Class of 2013

Abby envisioned a snowy winter senior session – so we made it happen!! We spent the morning after a big storm together. I love how the snow is sticking to every little branch.

Savanna /// Class of 2013

Savanna was fun to shoot and hang out with! I loved all her different looks and personal style. Plus, she had her makeup done by Jenni which added a flawless finish to the photos. Next year I’m planning on incorporating Jenni’s makup application in my senior packages. I think she’ll be an awesome addition and add a little extra bang to your session!

Andrew /// Class of 2013

Andrew is such a young guy with so much passion for the violin. Listening to him play, taking his photos at sunrise – it was kinda perfect.