Anda Marie /// Is Awesome

Meeting Anda was like a blast of fresh air. We connected through blog land about a year ago and finally met up for a photo date the other day. Anda’s also a remarkable photographer and spending an afternoon with her was a total treat. We went to a great lunch, took photos of each other in the snow and never stopped talking for a second!!! We have a ton in common, even beyond our love for photography. I felt this unbelievable connection with her and I think this is the start of a beautiful photo girls friendship.

Can’t wait to see you again Anda!!

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  1. anda
    anda says:

    um. OH MY GOD, nikki! i have NEVER, i mean never, seen myself look like this in a photo before (not to mention a bunch of photos!)!!! thank you SO much for making me look so good. you are amazing.

  2. gladys jem
    gladys jem says:

    Nikki. I am blown away. Anda is one of my dearest friends and I was actually just texting with her when I clicked on the link on her blog and saw these images of her. She’s so beautiful in so many ways, and you captured her just perfectly!!! Love it! Have a lovely day 🙂

  3. athena pelton
    athena pelton says:

    I’m with Gladys…these look AH_mazing. I love the internets, and I love love love the friendships borne from it.

    Cheers to the two of you.
    Cheers to these photos.
    (cheers to that gorgeous hat!)
    And cheers to years of laughter and shutter clicks.



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